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Happy Customers

I am also someone who does not write reviews, but I am in love with this.

This contour gauege duplicator is lightweight and portable, very easy to use , even without instruction . When you get it, you know I'm right. I used it to measure a variety of irregular objects, it saved me a lot of time. I should buy this product earlier.

---Tammy about Domom® Contour Gauge Duplicator

I am very glad that we bought this tool.

My husband and I are renovating our bathroom by ourselves, but we need to accurately cut some of the tiles next to the wash basin and the door. This profiling tool perfectly solves this problem for us.Good product !! Hurry before they are out of stock again.

---SAM about Domom® Contour Gauge Duplicator

I bought it for my husband. He really loves this gadget.

So I bought another one and gave it to my father as a gift. He is a diy enthusiasts, I think he will always need it.The funny thing is that my 6-year-old son said he needed it to help with the manual work , make sense , right ?

---Lynn about Domom® Contour Gauge Duplicator

I love pocket tools and multitools. This one is different. It feels like an original idea.

I need to remold the carpet in the bedroom, but I am worried about how to cut the carpet beautifully. When I first started using it, I found that it could not be locked. When I cut it directly according to the copied shape, I accidentally moved its teeth. So I first sketched the shape on paper, and the problem was solved perfectly. 5 stars recommended, love it.

---Catherine Mcgunnigle about Domom® Contour Gauge Duplicator

Works like a charm

Works like a charm. I don’t know how but it does. It’s gross to rinse off but definitely worth it. We have four cats, and our clothes have much less hair on them. We look normal again instead of the crazy cat people we really are.

---Jason A. McGregor about Pet Hair Remover for Laundry for All Pets

I have two Shelties and Spring and Fall the shedding is unimaginable.

 I use these in every wash and dry cycle all year long. This picture was after I washed a couple of dog towels. It doesn't get all the hair from my laundry, but it's a great start. I've had them since February, and they are still like new. Just another tool in my fight against indoor shedding. Great buy for the price.

---Erin Mahoney about Pet Hair Remover for Laundry for All Pets

Thank you FurZapper I haven't seen my clothes not covered in fur for far too long!

This thing picked up so much fur and hair out of the dryer, I'm impressed. It looks like a small furry creature stuck to the Zapper.
I'm no so easily wowed about most things, my expectations are rarely met but this little sticky bugger did the trick.

---Mary Carvour about  Pet Hair Remover for Laundry for All Pets

I highly recommend Pet Hair Remover for Laundry for All Pets.

Well, I'll be! They work! I was skeptical at first. But, after using the Fur Zappers for a few weeks now, I'm impressed with the results.
We have a Maine Coon and a domestic short hair. Cat hair woven into my bath towels and polo shirts is no longer a problem.
Thanks for a simple, yet great product.

---Dr. Hartmann about Pet Hair Remover for Laundry for All Pets

These floppy soft little paw prints are amazing!

Since using these in my washer and dryer my consumption of sticky sheet lint rollers has been reduced by 90%. One of my dogs has very fine light colored fur (the kind that can stay airborne for hours), and she is a cuddler. Once her fur is on your clothes it takes a concerted and determined effort to remove it. Furzapper was very effective at removing her fur from clothes!

---Banjo Lee about Pet Hair Remover for Laundry for All Pets